Ucsc Housing Agreement

Who do I talk to when I have a maintenance problem? Maintenance staff are available for repairs in student rooms and in all residential buildings. If you have a maintenance problem in your room or apartment, send a “Fixit” ticket to fixit.ucsc.edu If you have trouble submitting a fixed ticket or need help with a problem that is not a fatal or urgent problem, call 831-459-7043 M-F 8 at 5pm. Can I see virtual guided tours? Yes, there are virtual tours of many university apartments. What diet options are available? Meals and flexi-dollars are available to all students. The 7-day plan offers unlimited entry into the dining rooms each day, while the 5-day plan only offers unlimited admission from Monday to Friday. Students residing in residences must have a 7-day or 5-day menu and register on their menu when applying for accommodation. First Steps How am I assigned to a UCSC college? How can I apply for university housing? What accommodation does it have? Can I see virtual guided tours? When did I hear about my space assignment? More information about the termination of the housing contract can be found in the terms and conditions of the housing contract. What am I supposed to bring? We`ve put together a list of items you need that you might want to bring to make your life more comfortable in university residences. Just bring what goes into your room — roommates don`t have storage space for your belongings. When it comes to electrical appliances, please consider energy-efficient products.

Learn more If the student has discovered or suspected a pest problem, the student agrees to seek immediate help from the university by performing a work assignment (fixit.ucsc.edu). Do the rooms have access to the Internet? Campus residences and apartments have Internet access. Some sites have an all-Wi-Fi service and other sites may have a combination of wired Ethernet and WiFi. In wired ethernet locations, there are ports in the rooms, and all you need is an ethernet computer and an Ethernet cable. For more information on IT standards, specifications or other questions, please visit Residential Networking (ResNet) at its.ucsc.edu/resnet. Can I cancel my meal plan? A diet is included in the housing contract for students who reside in campus residences and cannot be terminated. The staff is on hand to make the most of your on-campus dining experience. Contact the restaurant staff in your local dining room.

What accommodation does it have? The accommodation options available to you differ depending on the university you are connected to and whether you are a new or in-school student. Animals and animals No animals (except fish in a 10-gallon or smaller aquarium) are allowed as a roommate. Service animals must be subject to prior authorisation and must comply with university guidelines. For more information, see ada.ucsc.edu/program-access/service-animals/service-animal-procedure.html Once the application has been validated by the university, the application for housing becomes a legally binding contract valid for the entire academic year. Make sure you have read and understood the terms and conditions before applying. Since the colocations exist within the larger structure of the university, residents remain subject to university policy as well as the laws of the federal state, the federal states and the municipalities. It is your responsibility to know the university`s guidelines and rules. Staff members do not play the role of a parent, but behaviours that are contrary to university policy are addressed and may lead to disciplinary action, sanctions and/or loss of housing privileges. When did I hear about my space assignment? Your housing contract will be sent to your UCSC email account until the end of August. All residents

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