Unemployment Extension Agreement

The Commerical Appeal — The inability to re-authorize long-term unemployment benefits penalizes people who cannot find a job — “Congress is expected to begin in 2014 by finding a bipartisan way to restore long-term federal unemployment benefits that expired in late December for 1.3 million Americans, including 18,000 Tennesseans.” Both Democrats and Republicans have included a second round of business payments in their proposed laws, but differences of opinion on other parts of the law – including rising unemployment and increased aid to governments and local governments – have prevented any proposal from becoming law. This package provides for an extension of the data protection program for small businesses and an increase in funding for vaccine distribution and coronavirus testing. Economists have stressed the need for additional assistance, as 12 million Americans could lose their unemployment benefits on Boxing Day. The moratorium on the evacuation of tenants and the protection of students, as well as a federal family paid leave program, will also be abolished. Senate Republicans finally forced the House to move forward with the continuation of unemployment benefits at a much lower rate, but it was mostly a tactic to force Democrats who support keeping payments at $600 a week to oppose an extension. Both sides have made openings in recent days. White House officials received a higher unemployment benefit than Republicans had originally proposed in the Senate and also appeared to abandon their red line around a trade responsibility shield. Democrats recently proposed reducing their overall demands by $1 trillion if Republicans increased their plan by a reasonable amount. None of these concessions gained enough strength to reach an agreement.

Detroit Free Press — Unemployment benefits should be reinstated. 1 for Congress: “The reduction in unemployment benefits adds nothing but an insult to these families. It`s hard enough that they can`t find work. Now they will worry about stopping the heat and putting food on the table.┬áThe proposal calls for an extension of the federal student intent exam until April. Minnesota lawmakers have secured preliminary agreement on a $216 million COVID-19 aid package before Monday`s special session, which will include a 13-week extension of unemployment benefits starting December 27. Buffalo News – The weak economy is not the right time to put pressure on the unemployed: Congress should act quickly to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. If not, it will be responsible for reducing the lifeline for victims of the recession and slowing the already slow economic recovery. Schumer compared negotiations with Republicans to “trying to nail jell-O to the wall” and noted that Mr. McConnell, whose conference on another aid plan remained divided, was particularly absent from the day-to-day negotiations with administrators in Ms.

Pelosi`s Capitol. The lack of time, he said, came because Republicans had “hesitated for months” and had yet to agree on the trillion-dollar proposal they had put forward monday. Both government officials and President Trump have previously insisted that strict measures be taken to continue unemployment benefits and revive a federal moratorium on forced evictions that has expired.

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