Upright Law Retainer Agreement

Any litigation arising from the use of this Site, this agreement and/or the relationship between The User and UL will be referred to arbitration in Chicago, Illinois, in accordance with the rules and procedures of the American Arbitration Association. Add a photo UpRight Law 4.3 (1,504) Bankruptcy Lawyer in Chicago, IllinoisClosed OVERVIEW REVIEWS PHOTOS ABOUT 1 of 4 CALL DIRECTIONS SAVE SITE 79 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603 Law Card. Opens 9AM (877) 927-5451 Suggest an edit QUESTIONS – ANSWERS Q: BEST company I`ve ever done business with!! Already recommended to make them for 2 people and will continue to do so!! Pleasant, easy to manage and quickly completed… and they really take care of it!! A-!!!! A: I`m sure you`ve worked with me. I recommend you. (5 other answers) All Questions (40) Ask the community Do you Know this place? Answering Quick Questions OK CLOSE Street View4 Photos Add a Photo from the Web 1.1/5Dirty Scam 38 Comments Popular TIMES Saturdays Still not enough data for Saturdays review SUMMARY 5 4 3 2 1 user agrees, that, regardless of a contrary law or law, any claim or reason for action, or any dispute to leave or in connection with the use of this site, this agreement and/or the relationship between the user and the UL must be suspended forever. Don`t do it!!!!!! ……. I REPEAT DO NOT!!!!! …. Do business with the right right, they`re liars, if you catch them in a lie and ask for a refund, they`ll hang the phone on you. This explained that if I paid $210.00, I would be immediately contacted by a lawyer and the filling would stop immediately, so that if the lawyer called me, he said that, he can`t stop paying the filling until I paid the $2100.00 in full, I explained to her that Sandra at upright law told me that, she would stop the trim immediately, he kept saying that, they wouldn`t give him my file until all the money was received, so I asked him if it was okay to call Sandra on the three road and he said, of course, Sandra does not answer, leaves Sandra some language messages still no answer from her called this morning and she gave me the race around So I asked her if she had recorded the call and she said yes , so I said ok, can you replay it? And then she said you had to call customer service, who can help you, I`m going to transfer you to hers, so after she telefaced me on TV, I`m talking to a rude guy who didn`t want to give his name and told me I wouldn`t get a refund and that the phone was hanging me.

The law enforcement officials are rude and disrespectful, all I want is to get my money back because they have not been honest with me. I feel like they only took my money and said, oh well!!!! They are false when they mislead people and no longer have to work!!!! I give them a TRIPLE ZERO NEGATIVE……. Don`t waste your time and, in any case, don`t waste your money! The law is right!!!!!!!!! The way they treat clients should be against the law!!!! When they took my retainer, they assured me that I would be able to go bankrupt to settle all of.my debts. When I spoke to the lawyer for 10 minutes, he told me that was not the case. I told them right away that I wanted to cancel. They kept my retainers at $400 and lied to me about the service I had signed up for! Careful! PLEASE THE TERMES OF SERVICES AND LEGAL NOTICES CI-DESSOUS (CI-APRÈS DÉNOMMÉS “ACCORD”) PRUDEMENT BEFORE USING THIS SITE WEB (the “site” or the “www.uprightlaw.com”).

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